Understanding Lease Agreements Better
People who are moving to the urban areas are many. Few people own houses in these places. Rent for the available house is paid either on a monthly or yearly basis according to the agreement that these people have with the landlord. The factors that determine the amount of rent a person pays are the location of the house and also the type of the house. Houses that are available for rental purposes are of different types.  The apartments can contain single rooms, bedsitters, one bedroomed house, two bedroomed houses, and three bedroomed houses.  The specifications of the tenants are met in the kind of designs that the landlords put up, hence the landlord gets a lot of tenants.  The tenants deserve to live in a place that is worth the rent they pay.

In the current generation people are building rental houses beside their main houses.  This is to cut the cost of employing a caretaker and also to ensure that the tenants do not face any challenges as they live there.  The availability of the landlords helps in the solving of the problems that the people may have.  The relationship between the tenant and the landlord should be good so that there are no conflicts that arise.

A nice place to live is found through great struggle. In the urban area there is a large population hence this happens.  As long as your services are up to a standard you are assured of great market since many people are looking for places to stay.  Business people who want to put up stalls and shops also look for the rental rooms.  The consideration of where the target market makes the business people to find a hard time finding a room.  Since it is not appropriate to pay very high rent on very small business, the cost of the house has to be considered.  

There has to be free lease agreement between the tenant and the landlord.  The expectations of the tenant are given to the landlord and the landlord also lays down their conditions.  The consideration of all the factors helps in the formulation of a rental agreement that entails the conditions of the landlord and the expectations of the tenant. Both parties have to sign the legal document in the presence of a witness. In normal circumstances the lawyer is the witness. The rental agreement is made in copies of three so that the lawyer can keep one and both parties can also keep their personal copies.  A legal action is taken to the person who violates anything that is in the legal document. This site has more on lease agreement: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landlord–tenant_law.